Smagen af ost  

Posted by Colin Fahy

More walking around downtown let me discover some new things (although mostly food).

These were delicious 'ribs,' or currants, from a fruit stand.

There were mysterious brown bags being sold by a guy with a giant bowl shaped stove. I had to buy one. They turned out to be delicious coated and roasted almonds.

These little buggers are everywhere. They make the sound of Boo from Super Mario. (for your reference) It can be creepy when that sound is coming from all sides. Just make sure not to look away, thats when they come and get you.

Taste of Cheese

The only food here is Shawarma, hot dogs, and pizza. They pizza is very good and quite cheap. I ordered a slice of pizza for 22 kr. They handed me exactly half a pizza and folded it in half.

The most famous thing in all of Denmark, The Little Mermaid, is in Shanghai right now. In its place they put a live streaming video of Ariel's current resting place.

Danish icecream. With whipped cream and warm marmalade on top. You have to tell them how many 'kugle' you want. Kugler is also the word for balls. As in I've got two scoops in my pants.

King Frederick. Every king is either named Frederick or Christian. His head is covered in bird shit.

Traditional danish pølse. They are dyed bright red. You eat it by itself with mustard, this delicious spicy ketchep that is a million times better than our ketchup, or remoulade. Alternating bites of sausage and bites of bun.

Peruvian pan-flute bands? A very cheesy tourist attraction, synth drum beats and backgrounds that they played panflute over with an echo affect to make it sound super fake and overproduced. But they wore pretty feathers.

A Fransk Hot-dog. This is a bun with a hole drilled through the center of one side. They squirt sauce inside it and then push the hot-dog in.

Carlsberg had a big fancy house that he stored all is stuff in. Now its a big museum. Everything in the country is owned by Carlsberg. And every building is a mansion/castle.

It was quite creepy being alone in the basement of this mansion surrounded by sarcophogi in dead silence save the faint sound of people screaming. The museum is next to the amusement park.

Those are birds with faces and a pair of balls.

I met Crissy at the first day orientation (the other girl that missed the first day of class, oops.) She knew of a house party that night her friend was throwing for the international students that were going back home.
Again, the party didn't really start until after midnight. We left at about 5 because we had class at 9:00, and we needed to show up early and make sure everything was alright because we missed the first day.
Most the trains are running 24 hours, but the one train we needed was not running at the time. So we stayed and drunkenly harassed the 7-11 cashier for an hour. He gave us some free stuff which was nice.

I wake up on the train, Crissy is asleep. I look up and notice the place we started is two stops away. We had gone all the way around, when we really only needed to take the train 3 stops. A security guard comes by to check our tickets. Disoriented I freak out because I didn't remember buying a ticket and I hand him my old one. Luckily Crissy points out that I gave him the wrong ticket, I reach in my pocket to find the new one.

I didn't want her to have to walk home by herself, so I end up crashing at her place at 7:30. It would have taken me 2 hours to walk home and back to class by that point. We are both half an hour late to our second day of class. But everything worked out fine.

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